Independent Financial Advisers

Luciano Zaina


Director & Offshore Specialist

B.Com Hons Economics

Luciano is most comfortable in the offshore space where he has worked since the late 90’s. He is passionate about foreign investing and has a thorough and in-depth comprehension of offshore investment options. Committed to understanding a client’s preferences, Luciano is able to provide tailored solutions to fulfil any investor’s offshore needs.

Luciano’s desire is to ensure his clients always receive outstanding advice. He understands that no one advisor can master everything and he is focussed on building a business of professionals with complimentary skillsets.

Suite 304
Heritage House
20 Dreyer street
Claremont, 7735

Mobile: 083 444 5056
Tel: 021 671 6430
Fax: 021 671 6398

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Wilhelm Tempelhoff


Shareholder and Director
Financial Planning Specialist & Wealth Manager

B.Com. Finance (Cum Laude), B.Com. Hons Financial Planning (Cum Laude)
Certified Financial Planner (CFP™)
Higher Diploma in Tax Law

As a meticulous individual, Wilhelm is recognised for his ability to look at all angles of a client’s financial situation and providing the perfect fit.

His conservative nature and sincerity in having the clients’ interests at heart, inspires him to give carefully considered advice, using only well-researched funds to construct a portfolio that is best suited to the client.

Proud to have him on board, we are always eager to boast about the fact that he was runner-up in the country, for his Certified Financial Planning™ case study exam.

MISA Centre Building
12 Fir Drive,
Northcliff Ext 2, 2195

Mobile: 072 726 4713
Tel: 011 431 0235/6
Fax: 011 431 0025

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Carel Marx


Shareholder and Wealth Manager

Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning Law
B.Com. Hons Investment Management
B.Com. Finance

Carel has a thorough knowledge of most local and approved offshore funds and was involved in unit trust analysis at a large corporate asset manager. His sound knowledge of investment theory brings a rigor to his advice, enabling him to clearly define and understand the role that different investments play in a portfolio and how they complement each other.

People-oriented, Carel is a gutsy individual who most enjoys developing firm client relationships, from the outset.

MISA Centre Building
12 Fir Drive,
Northcliff Ext 2, 2195

Mobile: 084 588 8339
Tel: 011 431 0235/6
Fax: 011 431 0025

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Emile Venter


Financial Planner

Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning
B.Com. Finance

Emile is a new addition to the Zaina Wealth Management team. He previously acted as a financial adviser in the banking sector. Emile has experience in providing clients with local investment and long-term insurance advice.

As an extroverted, people’s person Emile forms solid connections with clients that grow into long lasting relationships. He is not only focused on providing the best solutions to clients, but also aims to advise clients in a user-friendly an understandable manner to ensure that the client is comfortable with the investment.

MISA Centre Building
12 Fir Drive,
Northcliff Ext 2, 2195

Mobile: 082 762 6744
Tel: 011 431 0235/6
Fax: 011 431 0025

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Gugulethu Maseko


Registered Financial Planner

B.Com. Finance

Gugulethu joined the Zaina Wealth Management team during 2015 as a financial planning intern while studying part-time towards a B.Com Honours degree. She is currently acting as a financial adviser under supervision while completing the requirements in terms of the FSB and the FAIS Act.

Although Gugulethu is at the beginning of her career, her diligent hard working nature and perseverance has shown that she promises to develop into a skilled financial adviser. While she already possess the necessary administrative skills our senior wealth managers are training and supporting Gugulethu to ensure that these are complemented by a strong advisory foundation.

MISA Centre Building
12 Fir Drive,
Northcliff Ext 2, 2195

Mobile: 081 557 5406
Tel: 011 431 0235/6
Fax: 011 431 0025

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Ronel Nortjé


B.A. (Law), LL.B.
Post Graduate Diploma in Drafting and Interpretation of Contracts (Cum Laude)
Certificate in Money Laundering Control

Ronel previously worked in the legal environment before joining Zaina Wealth in early 2015. She assists with the general operations management of the company, oversees client service and also acts as compliance liaison and FICA officer for the company. Although she is based in the Johannesburg office, Ronel tends to client needs nationally.

Ronel is assisted by a team of interns who assist her in the day-to-day tasks of client and investment administration

Suite G5A
MISA Centre Building
12 Fir Drive,
Northcliff Ext 2, 2195

Tel: 011 431 0235/6
Fax: 011 431 0025

Contact Ronel at:


Financial Planning Internship programs since 2014

Our Western Cape and Gauteng teams are expanded by interns that we employ every year. Initially we created our own internal internship program to aid 1-3 individuals per annum in obtaining the necessary experience in the field of financial planning to help them advance in this chosen career.
These interns are handpicked and must conform to a strict set of academic criteria while exhibiting the correct set of interpersonal skills. As an example they are expected to have completed a three year Bachelors of Commerce degree to qualify for acceptance.

In 2016 we were contacted by the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa’s (ASISA) Academy to be part of their inaugural Independent Financial Adviser “IFA” internship program. ASISA now shortlists and sponsors our interns. We are proud to form part of the initial 10 IFA practices that support and form part of the program. As a result we are now able to accept between 3 and 6 interns per annum. More information can be found here.