The Zaina Wealth Management Internship Programme is aimed at the young and aspiring financial analyst. We invite qualifying students to apply for our Offshore Investment Analyst internship position. This role will require you to work on a 6-month part-time basis (16-24 hours per week) and will primarily involve offshore investment research. Amongst your tasks and responsibilities, you will be required to write formulized research reports on potential and existing investments, assist in asset and portfolio construction, take a lead role (under supervision) in the quarterly portfolio valuations, and contribute to meetings with asset managers and highly regarded portfolio consultants. This internship opportunity requires that you are passionate about investments. In that regard, you will be expected to take a proactive approach in forming and discussing your own opinion about certain investments and market trends. You will also need to be proficient in excel and word. Morningstar is a database that we use to retrieve all our investment risk and performance data. All though you will not be required to have proficiency on Morningstar when you arrive, the daily use of it should lend you to be proficient by the time you leave.

We look for candidates with:

  • A strong academic record
  • An undergraduate degree, honours, or master’s in business or finance
  • Excellent writing skills
  • A passion for investing. Having your own portfolio is not a requirement but it will bolster your application.

This position is based in our Cape Town office. To request if there is a vacancy please contact

Internship Testimonials :

The Important Things:
There are two things that I think are important for an internship. Firstly, it is to learn and develop skills in the workspace – especially for a new graduate without much work experience. Secondly, it is being able to transfer the knowledge learnt from class to practical scenarios and being able to make contributions to the business.

I was extremely lucky to have been able to learn so much about the domestic and offshore investment markets, which of course, can be very different from the books. During my internship, I got to learn how to use the Morningstar terminal which was great because ZWM kindly provided me free training from Morningstar to develop my skills. This is just one of many things I got to learn during my internship. In addition to that, sometimes there are random questions that popped up in my head, and Luciano always answered them patiently – he is very knowledgeable and is always willing to share what he knows.

During my internship, I had a lot of opportunities to make contribution to the business. Luciano was very open minded to new suggestions and new ways of doing things. He often worked with me to provide great support and suggestions to improve my ideas. Being able to give open and honest opinions about things without any signs of fear to speak up, and being appreciated and acknowledged for having new ideas, was an overall rewarding experience.

On top of what was mentioned, the entire working environment was professional and friendly. Sometimes I had some personal matters to attend. I could always negotiate the working time and Luciano gave me a lot of flexibility throughout my experience.

-Sybil Wong: Current Offshore Investment Intern at ZWM